Cocktail of the Week: Rosemary & Ginger Margarita

Cocktail of the Week: Rosemary & Ginger Margarita

Our Fling Margarita Mixer is the best friend you never know you needed! This Rosemary and Ginger Margarita is a new favourite for the Fling team and one we insist you try!!


- Fling Margarita Mixer

- 2 Sprigs of Fresh Rosemary

- 1/2 Cup Sugar

- 1/2 Cup Water

- 2 Tablespoons of fresh crushed Ginger

- Ice


1. To make the syrup add water, sugar, Ginger and 1 Rosemary sprig to a pan

2. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Switch off and allow to cool

3. Strain Rosemary and Ginger syrup.

4. (Optional) Salt your Margarita Glass 

5. Add 1 shot of the syrup to a shaker with ice and 2 shots of Fling Margarita Mixer

6. Shake and pour into cocktail glass

7.  Garnish with a sprig of fresh Rosemary

- Sip and enjoy!


Let us know what you think of the recipe and we'd love to see photos if you've made this one yourself! 

 Love Emma & The Fling Crew x



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