Frequently asked questions

All of our products are made using fresh, natural New Zealand ingredients, and are gluten free and vegan friendly.

Of course! Our cocktail mixers are perfect for making mocktails! Simply swap out the suggested spirit for a non-alcoholic alternative or water and enjoy a fresh authentic mocktail!

You betcha we do! We love a good party and we have plenty of cocktail and mocktail options for you!

We've got something for the fruity lovers, something for the coffee drinkers, something for the calorie conscious and we've even got something for the "I only drink beer" but secretly loves a cocktail people!

We can supply drinks, bring the bar and even supply staff if needed!

Email us to find out more! hello@flingcocktails.co.nz

Every good cocktail needs a little bit of sugar 😉 Most of the sugars in our cocktails are natural sugars found in the fresh fruit juices that we use. We aim to simulate bar-style cocktails so we use the exact same ingredients you would find in a bar.

Canned Cocktails
- Mojito 3.5g (Per 100ml)
- Margarita 4.6g (Per 100ml)
- Espresso Martini 11.5g (Per 100ml)
- Gin and Tonic 4.6g (Per 100ml)

Cocktail Mixers
Please note the sugar content below is calculated on the concentrate before your spirit or non alcoholic alternative is added

- Margarita 14g (Per 100ml)
- Rosebud 12.3g (Per 100ml)
- Espresso Martini 20g (Per 100ml)

Our Espresso Martini mixer and canned cocktail both contain real coffee and therefore are caffeinated. Per serve each cocktail is equivalent to a double shot of espresso coffee.

Our Canned Espresso Martini & Espresso Martini Mixer do not contain any dairy, they are also gluten free and vegan friendly.

We are pleased to say our entire range is vegan friendly!

Our cocktails are made using real, fresh fruit juices so in order to enjoy them at their best, please adhere to their best before dates.

The shelf life for our mixers is 12 months and our canned cocktails are 18 months from manufacturing date.

Our Cocktails are all gluten, dairy and nut free! They are also free of any colourants!

To achieve the perfect crema when using our nitro-dosed cans of Espresso Martini, follow these simple instructions:

- Shake the can vigorously
- Crack slowly
- Tip the can upside down and pour fast into glass then give it a few seconds for the foam to form!

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