How to Make the Perfect Espresso Martini - Fling Cocktails

How to Make the Perfect Espresso Martini

  Why venture out when you can master the Espresso Martini game at home? 🏠✨ Fling Mixer = Easy, Quick, Painless, Consistent! Step 1: To a mixer add 2 parts Fling Espresso Mixer Step 2: And 1 Part Spirit (or choose a non-alcoholic alternative) Step 3: Throw it all in a shaker with ice Step 4: Shake it like you mean it! Step 5: Strain into your favourite glass Voilà! A bar-worthy Espresso Martini in a snap. Our mixer's got all the coffee and vanilla goodness you'd get from your favourite bar cocktail!  

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Are Fling Cocktails Gluten Free? - Fling Cocktails

Are Fling Cocktails Gluten Free?

Absolutely! Our full range of cocktails are so gluten-free they make gluten jealous. So you can pour yourself a worry-free glass of pure enjoyment. Cheers to gluten freedom!

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Fling Turns 3! - Fling Cocktails

Fling Turns 3!

We’re officially 3!! And what a wild ride it’s been! It’s crazy looking back to think that we started Fling dispatching from our living room 3 years ago with an 18 month and a new born in tow in the middle of a pandemic! (I think we must have been nuts!)  We launched the website and waited patiently for our first cha-ching to come in from our online store and did several happy dances as sales started to trickle in. The excitement of those first sales and reassurance that people wanted to try something you’ve worked so hard to bring...

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HB bartender in a can - Fling Cocktails

HB bartender in a can

Article for Bay Buzz. by Sarah Cameron, February 19, 2021   If you fancy a good old mojito or margarita but don’t have a cocktail shaker and all the ingredients handy, then locals Ben and Emma Connelly can help. The couple, originally from the UK, moved to Hawke’s Bay four years ago with a dream of starting their own alcohol business and it was during lockdown last year that ‘Fling’ cocktails-in-a-can became a reality. “We decided that despite having a toddler in tow and baby number two on the way, it was now or never. So we spent the year developing the...

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