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There’s nothing better than a Fling with friends. Put simply, we craft delicious tasting cocktails for stylish events and busy bars - think bar-style cocktails on tap. We use the finest ingredients to make small batch cocktails and pop them into kegs ready for you to connect and serve - simple and delicious! We also have a range of canned cocktails that are lightweight, portable and 100% recyclable. Save valuable time at events and stun your guests with cocktails premade, to perfection with every single pour.⠀ - Our beautiful cocktails make a great addition to your usual beer and wine list and your guests will be forever impressed. Add some extra flair by using our portable bar which can be setup just about anywhere, bringing another level of character to your event.


Our mobile bar can be set up almost anywhere. The bar has 1.8m of working space, four taps, and a serving shelf. The bar taps are not limited to just serving cocktails either, you can easily connect a keg of beer  from your local brewery. The Fling bar is perfect for weddings, events, birthdays, concerts, festivals and much more! Cocktails served faster than you can say FLING!


Ready-to-our canned cocktails
Classic Mojito- 5%, Classic Margarita - 5%, Passionfruit Martini - 5%, Espresso Martini - 7%

Cocktails on tap
Passionfruit Martini- 5%, Classic Mojito- 5%, Classic Margarita- 5%, Moscow Mule- 5%, Cosmopolitan- 5%, Espresso Martini- 12%
Above is our signature cocktail range. We can also work with you to create your favourite cocktail if it’s not featured above. Message us to find out more! Enquire Now: Fancy a Fling at your event? Get in touch at