Blackberry Mojito!

Blackberry Mojito! - Fling Cocktails
Keepin’ summer alive with a Blackberry Mojito! Get a sip of this…
 - 1 Can Fling Classic Mojito
- One Sprig of Fresh Mint
- Half a Cup of Frozen Blackberries
- Crushed Ice
  •  - In your favourite cocktail glass, add a sprig of fresh mint and half a cup of frozen blackberries.
     - Muddle the mint and blackberries until pulverised
     - Fill your glass with crushed ice
     - Top your glass with Fling Classic Mojito and stir
     - Sip until you’re whisked away to a tropical destination
  • Tip - Muddling is a bartending technique of mashing fruits and other fresh produce with a muddler to release their flavours. If you don’t have a muddler you can use a wooden meat pounder or thick wooden spoon as a totally acceptable substitute! 
    We'd love to know if you give it a go, Make sure to send your pics through if you do! 
    Love, the Fling Crew x

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