Loyalty Club

Welcome to the Fling club, where you get rewarded for sipping on Fling Cocktails. Win win right? 

Check out the user guide below 

How to sign up
- Head to the fling website www.flingcocktails.co.nz
- Click on the “Fling Club” in the bottom right hand corner 
- Click Join (make sure to use the email address you have provided on previous orders)

*If you have purchased from us in the past but didn’t have an account then don’t fear, the Fling Party Points you have earned in all past orders will still be applied to your account*

Earn Points on Purchase
Once you have joined the Fling club you can start earning points straight away!.The Fling Club will remain on the bottom right corner of our website. Click “Earn points” to view a list of ways you can earn Party Points which can be redeemed in the form of discounts or free products. Every $1 spent on our website will earn you 1 Party Point

Redeem Points
If you click into “Redeem Points” you will see a list of different rewards, and how many Party Points you will need to redeem them Once you have redeemed your points, your balance will be adjusted and a voucher code will be emailed to your account email address.Voucher codes are automatically generated as a unique single use code. 

Refer a friend 
When your friend uses the referral link to sign up and place an order you’ll both receive $5 off your next order over $50! 

If you experience any issues don’t hesitate to reach out at hello@flingcocktails.co.nz 

Happy sipping! Love, The Fling Crew x