Cocktail of the Week: Lychee Margarita!

Cocktail of the Week: Lychee Margarita!

This weeks cocktail of the week is bought to you by the wonderful @thebrunchgirls who've used our NEW Margarita mixer to make this delicious Lychee Margarita! I don't know about you but we're heading to the shops to get some Lychees!


- 70ml Fling Margarita Mixer

- 70ml Tequila

- A can of Lychees in syrup

- Slice of lime for decoration (optional)


1. Cool your glass down with ice and cold water

2. To make a Lychee syrup put a can of lychees including the syrup into a blender and blend (leave a couple out for decoration)

3. Strain your lychee syrup into a cocktail shaker and add your Margarita Mixer and Tequila.

4. Shake and pour over ice

5. Decorate glass with Lychee and a slice of lime & enjoy!


Let us know what you think of the recipe and we'd love to see photos if you've made this one yourself! 

 Love Emma & The Fling Crew x

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