Easter Passionfruit Martini

Easter Passionfruit Martini - Fling Cocktails

Craving some fruit after all that chocolate? Give our Passionfruit Martini a try, made using fresh passionfruit pulp and a drop of nz manuka honey! 


- Fling Passionfruit Martini 

- Edible florals 

- Optional White chocolate bunny 


- Chill a can of Fling Passionfruit Martini in the fridge and then shake the can for a few seconds to aggravate the nitro and ensure no fresh fruit is settled at the bottom. 

- Let the can settle for a few seconds then open slowly, and pour hard into your favourite cocktail glass (this will help get the beautiful foamy crema on top of your cocktail). 

- Gently sprinkle edible florals over the crema on your cocktail, giving it an elegant touch. 

- Perfectly paired with white chocolate (optionaland ready to enjoy! 



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