Egg-spresso Martini

Egg-spresso Martini - Fling Cocktails

Wanting to indulge this easter? you're going to love this one!


- Fling Espresso Martini 

- Hollow easter eggs with tinfoil wrappers 


- Chill your Espresso Martini in the fridge, while it's cooling, unwrap your easter eggs and keep the tinfoil, cut off the top of your easter egg with a sharp knife, then using the tinfoil create a little cup your egg can balance on. 

- When your Espresso Martini is nice and cold, give the can a good shake for at least 10 seconds, this will help you get the beautiful crema on top of your cocktail (alternatively you can half fill a cocktail shaker with ice, and top with Fling Espresso Martini and shake) 

- Let the can rest for a few seconds then open slowly and pour into your hollow easter egg, fill all the way to the top where you can see the velvety crema and serve! 

This is a perfect and fun way to serve desert to your adult guests this easter! Let us know if you try it! 

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