Cocktail of the Week: White Russian

Cocktail of the Week: White Russian - Fling Cocktails

It’s now easier than ever to make this beauty at home alcoholic or non alcoholic with our Fling Espresso Martini Mixer. Check out the recipe below.



Fling Espresso Martini Mixer

Vodka (substitute for non alcoholic spirit or water for mocktail)


Grated chocolate (garnish optional)




Fill a third of a low ball glass with ice 

Pour over 70ml of Espresso Martini mixer

Add one shot of Vodka (or non alcoholic alternative)

Gently pour over 50ml Cream

OPTIONAL Garnish with grated chocolate


Pull this one out at your next cocktail night and your guests will be forever impressed! Be sure to send us a pic if you try it. 

Love, Emma and the Fling Crew x

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